RPR Media UK/ Rockposer Dot Com & Kent BluesRockFest are pleased to announce the full line-up for ‘Rock The Red Lion‘, a night of great rock which is being held at Leo’s The Red Lion, the legendary venue which is celebrating ‘40 years of live music‘ in 2018.

The event is being held on Saturday 15th September 2018. Doors open at 4pm.

Headliners Bad Touch are making their first visit to the venue as are Burnt Out Wreck, fronted by ex Heavy Pettin’s Gary Moat. The remaining two bands, Black Whiskey and The Angelo Tristan Band are making a welcome return to Leo’s after their superb performances at this year’s Fibrofest.

Tickets are now available to order from Here



Fibrofest is back, and once again all proceeds are going to Fibromyalgia Action UK

We’re delighted that for this the second Fibrofest, we have sponsorship from Blackstar Amplification and our friends at AOR Blvd Records, plus we make a welcome return to one of our favorite venues, Leo’s Red Lion.

Tickets can be bought Here

If you cannot make it, then donations to FMA UK can be made Here

We raised over £1300 in 2016 and would love to double it to help support a small but worthy charity which supports people with fibromyalgia.


Final HEAVY TRAIN cd AW.indd

Black Whiskey – Heavy Train
Rocksector (Feb 2015)

Reviewer: Peter Scallan

Black Whiskey is a new band but packed full of seasoned musicians and openly admits they are not trying to do something new, which is refreshing in itself. There was in fact a black whisky called Loch Dhu from the 90s which is now very limited. Although, as a Scotsman I need to point out the word ‘whiskey’ doesn’t have an ‘e’ in it! Unless of course it is Irish! But enough of the nerdy whisky lesson! The band cites some influences in the press release and for me as soon as you cite Zeppelin and Free as influences, you seriously raise expectations. Admittedly they also cite UFO, Thin Lizzy and the Scorpions, which sounds like my thang!

Opening track Idol Rich does have a Zeppelin influenced riff and is not a bad start to the album and includes a Zeppelin style breakdown in the middle pre-solo. All Seeing Eye is next up and more Scorps/UFO and chugs along on driving bass line. There is a return to a more bluesy approach for The Devil Rides which is a stomper in places and has nice harmony guitars in the middle also. Stone Cold continues in that bluesier vein and has a laid-back verse and then kicks in at the chorus with a catchy hook. There is funky wah-wah guitar opening to Hungry for Bullets which drives along but the chorus is a little disappointing and the song doesn’t appear to go anywhere for me. A more classic rock approach returns for Save My Life which gets the album back on track. Sounding a little Scorps/UFO the use of the catchy chorus returns! The Coming Storm is a slow burner of sorts and is very Free in places, especially the bridge, but is a little bit disappointing. The title track Heavy Train is a funky blues stomper and lifts the pace a little. With good variation in feel and pace, it is the best song on the album for me. Tie It Down continues the funky bluesier feel and is a little Zeppelin in places and again has good variation in pace/feel. Final track Can’t Kill the Fire is a pacey rocker to close the album but again for me disappoints.

Overall the album is well played and sang and I really applaud the approach in terms of the classic rock and blues influences. There are some great moments on the album too especially the title track and the opening track. However, there is something missing for me and in places leaves me a little cold. There is also a question mark about the consistency/quality of the songs on offer. As I said at the outset, making the Zeppelin/Free reference probably raised my expectations and I am a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I quite like this album but I feel like there could be a lot more from such a clearly talented bunch of guys. On that basis I look forward to the next album!