Review: Dynazty – The Dark Delight

Review: Dynazty – The Dark Delight

AFM Records (April 3rd 2020)

Reviewer: Stephen Brophy

Dynazty are a band that manage to continue to put out very regular output while still retaining a freshness. ‘The Dark Delight‘ is the Swedes 7th studio album and once again it’s a real cross genre affair, blending hard/melodic Rock with Power Metal, and interesting mix for me that they always seem to get right in the balance. There is no doubting their caliber as musicians, but because of other projects they work on it is perhaps a surprise that they can manage to continue to put so much effort into Dynazty, but long may it continue.

This time around there are 12 tracks on offer, and so many of these are just excellent, with opener ‘Presence Of Mind‘ setting the tone for what’s the follow. There is a power right through this album that just picks you up and carries you along, when you have listened to it for a period of time it just seems to be getting better and better in your head. For me the production on this one just makes everything shine, the power of the vocals delivered by Nils Molin ( also Amaranthe) to the sharpness of the guitars be it the crunching riff’s to the soaring solos or monstrous drumming, but as with most albums that live long in the memory I don’t find anything over powering in the mix. So not only talented musicians, but they produced the album themselves showing there’s no shortage of talent in that department either, Jacob Hansen’s mixing skills keep everything tight and vibrant.

Highlights for me are the excellent gritty ‘Paradise Of The Architect‘ which just rips along with  powerful drumming creating that backdrop beautifully. Alongside the wonderful ‘Heartless Madness‘ and beautiful balladesque ‘Hologram‘ that lifts from a quiet start to once again that powerful mid section, something about these tracks that has the ability to continue to hold your attention. ‘Heartless Madness‘ was one of the lead singles for the album and that’s no surprise, it is so upbeat, European Power Metal for sure, so melodic wonderful swathes of screaming solos and a track you can almost feel people moving to in live venue.  The title track closes things out in style, but there are a bunch of top songs here, really well written an put together.

This really is a cracking album from a band that continues to deliver, but this one is a bit special, it continues to bring you back to listen again and again, and not like many albums to one specific song. Tempo changes and style differences make the feel of different tracks seem miles apart, but at the same time it doesn’t ruin the flow of the album. Having a vocalist with the talents of Nils is of course a massive bonus, but everyone steps up on this release and again it’s an album you should immerse yourself in, let it wash over you, so far it’s my album of the year to date and in our current strange World this is a perfect album to stick on your mobile device and listen to while on your daily exercise routine, at the moment I tend to get out for a 5km walk and it’s the perfect companion to lift the pace to. Don’t miss out on this release, music is a passion to hold dear right now, pick this one up it’s a classy piece of work.