Review: Age Of Reflection – A New Dawn

Review: Age Of Reflection – A New Dawn

AOR Heaven (September 27th 2019)

Reviewer: Paul Saripo

Age Of Reflection are a Swedish AOR six piece crew that are poised to release their second album ‘A New Dawn’.  With all the essential Scandinavian rock comes a heavily guitar oriented power rock that has a hint of New Jersey hair metal influences coming through.   

The album starts with a dawn chorus of melodic guitar work then directly powers into the first track ‘A New Dawn’, which is a lively intro that pushes you into the album with real momentum.

Stay With Me’ is a mini anthem track that overall stood out from the album. ‘Here I Stand’ and ‘Death Do Us Part’ have a softer vocal approach, rather like a big hair ballads of  Bon Jovi  and continue with solid harmonies.

What If I Break’ is one of the slower tracks on the album with gentle guitar melodies that progresses into a lively chorus and with solid vocal lines drive energy into the composition.

One of the standout tracks for me is ‘I Just Died’, a creative rocked up cover of Cutting Crew’s 1986 classic anthem. Whilst keeping some of the original flavour this track is the sum and difference.

Never Alone Again’ is a breakup track with upbeat hooks that carry along throughout the song. ‘Write It On The Wall’ follows naturally on with a backdrop of breakup, yet with energy and positivity coming though in the music.

The production on this album is polished and flows quickly with fantastic riffs and vocals. I’m reminded at times of Dokken whilst the album plays.