Review: Rockett Love –  Greetings From Rocketland

Review: Rockett Love –  Greetings From Rocketland

AOR Heaven (August 30th 2019)

Reviewer: Paul Saripo

Packed full of hard melodic rock, ‘Greetings From Rocketland‘ is due for release on 30th August 2019 on the AOR Heaven label.

This is the second album from the newish Swedish outfit Rockett Love, who are made up of precision AOR musicians that deliver hard on melody and riffs.

The album opens with ‘Back On My Feet’ a track to set the scene with heavy drums pounding and husky vocals a quite a fast and sure fire bass.

Next up is ‘Bite The Bullet’ sustaining the tempo of the 1st track, for some reason whilst I had my eyes closed absorbing the rhythm I had flash backs of an 80’s W.A.S.P. video that was never made.

Track three, ‘I Want Out’ is a masterpiece of well woven tapestry of sound testament to the musicianship of the band this is a big track with catchy riffs.

Now we get into track four, ‘Get Ready, Go!’, this has great potential as a radio friendly, boot tapping and singing along.

Track five, ‘Take Me Home’ opens with guitars and deep vocal melodies rising to high altitudes. The magic of this album continues with driving bass and rhythm section, fluid guitar solos and catchy bass lines.

Now we have track six, ‘King For One Day’ this will have you singing along, rocking your head.

Moving on to track seven, ‘Writing On The Wall’ this sets a slightly anxious sounding tone and carries you forward into some nice riffs.

Track eight is ‘Reaching Out’ and is doing just that. This has massive energy and expresses the bands range well. This wouldn’t be out of place alongside some early Judas Priest with a twist of Ozzy.

Moving onto track Nine ‘Like An Endless Distant Sky’ this is heavy and solid pure recipe to don your air guitar. Rock’n’roll.

Track ten we here a slight change toward a pop rock sound, ‘Wait’, aiming to a more mainstream narrative that would warrant a music video for MTV in the 80’s

The closing track, number eleven, ‘A Heart Without A Soul’, is a splendid mix of catchy lyrics and spontaneous foot tapping reaching a beefy ending to a well produced and thought-out album.