Review: Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts – Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts

Review: Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts

Rock ‘N’ Growl Records  (May 31st 2019)

Reviewer: Stephen Brophy

A name that will be well known to most with an interest in the UK Hard Rock scene, Matt Mitchell, of Pride and more recently Furyon and Colour Of Noise, releases his latest venture on an unsuspecting world, Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts is a variable hot pot of styles and makes for a very interesting album to listen to. Definitely a little Chris Cornell thrown into the mix alongside many of Matt’s other influences, this is a very interesting listen.

Going to be one of those albums that hangs around my music players for quite some time, you don’t survive as long as Matt has in this industry without making some terrific friends and contacts that are musicians, and the music here is top notch, delighted to see the wonderful Stevie Watts playing Keys on this album, he’s one of the most talented players in the UK, there’s no doubt about that.

Anyone expecting just a standard Hard Rock album will hopefully be open to hearing something a little different, and perhaps it’s because of the variations in sounds and styles that it’s grown on me so much.

Sometimes albums don’t have to have a free flow through the songs, and this is certainly one of those albums, everything works so really well together, but it’s not like one single piece of music chopped into segments, it’s almost like a number of different bands, and for this particular project that works just great. Matt’s a very talented songwriter as well as being a recognisable singer who has always delivered with different styles in the bands he’s played with.

Highlights have to be the lead single, ‘Black Diamonds‘ which really kicks things off with a bang, rocking and bluesy this is a great starter, powerful rocker ‘On And On‘,  the outstanding ‘Dare You To Watch‘ that has a real earworm of an intro, strong riffs and something that I think would also sound amazing done acoustically and ‘Waiting On The Sun‘ which is quite captivating, but this album is so much more than a collection of styles thrown together, each track has been carefully chosen and put together, time and attention to detail seem to be the key with a labour of love like this.

So overall, I’m loving this album the longer a spend with it, listening to different aspects, be it the more rocking tunes or the, the beauty of ‘Waiting For The Sun‘ or the blues filled punchy rock of the opener, and I’m still listening to it regularly which is always a really good sign, very much worth checking out and some really good work from Matt and his team.