H.E.A.T To Release ‘Live At Sweden Rock Festival’ On July 26th

H.E.A.T are set to release their second live album this July with the release of ‘Live At Sweden Rock Festival‘ on July 26th 2019 via Ear Music. It will be released as a CD+BD Digipak and Digital.

This second live recording, first time on video, includes all of the band’s remarkable hymns such as ‘Living On The Run‘, ‘A Shot At Redemption‘ & ‘Bastard Of Society‘. Every song from this set list is as lively and intoxicating as the next, making this a memorable show that every rock music fan will enjoy.

Or as H.E.A.T themselves put it: ”We heard the call and answered. Fire and Hard Rock in the night. For our entire career people have been going on about us making a ’DVD/Blu-ray’ and we can finally reveal that we will be releasing ’Live At Sweden Rock Festival’. For those of you who have yet to see us live, this is as close as it gets. So go out and roll around in the garden, get an uneven tan, have 1-20 beers and kick back in your couch for the ultimate festival experience. Happy watching!



  1. Bastard Of Society
  2. Late Night Lady
  3. Mannequin Show
  4. Redefined
  5. Heartbreaker
  6. Shit City
  7. Beg Beg Beg
  8. Tearing Down The Walls
  9. Eye Of The Storm
  10. Emergency
  11. Inferno
  12. Living On The Run
  13. A Shot At Redemption

Official Music Videos – BD only

  1. It’s All About Tonight
  2. Tearing Down The Walls
  3. Point Of No Return
  4. Living On The Run
  5. Eye Of The Storm
  6. A Shot Of Redemption
  7. Best Of The Broken
  8. Drink Alone

H.E.A.T have also been announced as one of the acts playing the 2020 Monsters Of Rock Cruise.

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