Rebel Rage Release Video For ‘Scorched Earth’

Los Angeles power rock trio, Rebel Rampage, have released their video dedicated to climate change, ‘Scorched Earth,’ from ferocious debut album ‘Divided We Fall, featuring Angelo Moore (Fishbone) and Emily Armstrong (Dead Sara).

Rebel Rampage is here to remind us that sometimes the most stealthy weapon against ignorance and disinformation is, information; and with their heavy rocking video premiere called ‘Scorched Earth‘ they get right to the point about climate-change (*Spoiler Alert: It’s Real). Packed tight with raging guitar, bombastic percussion, heavy hitting bass and aggressive lyrics, the video is comprised of fast-paced news footage clips combined with the L.A. power trio kicking up blackened dirt at a fire site.” (Pancakes and WhiskeyRebel Rampage are on a mission to galvanize and inspire the public to clean out the United States government, uphold civil rights and the Constitution, and hold people accountable. They rally behind the motto, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall! Respect my existence, or expect my resistance!”

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