HRH AOR VII – Preview

HRH AOR VII – Preview

Here’s a bit of a preview of the upcoming HRH AOR VII which will be taking place for one year only at the Presthaven park in Prestatyn, North Wales from 14th – 16th March 2019. Having attended all of the HRH AOR events to date there and with this years event only around the corner is is exciting to look forward to seeing some new bands and of course the return of some firm favourites that have graced the HRH Stage previously.

So lets start with the opening evenings entertainment –

Thursday – always the day for settling in at the Festival, meeting up with friends old and new and having a bit of a Party night, this year should be kicking off with a wonderful atmosphere.

The New Breed

Opening the Festival this year and it will be the first time I get to see this band so really looking forward to checking them out and really they have quite a fresh sound, certainly different to most of the bands on the lineup this weekend.

Knock Out Kaine

It’s great to see these guys back on the scene, and returning once again to HRHAOR. Dean and the guys always put on a great performance and are sure to open the Festival in style. With a new album about to drop this should be a great set.

Dave Bickler

After finally making it to the UK in 2017 it’s great to see the former Survivor frontman returning, and hopefully we will get a set of classic Survivor tracks mixed with some of Dave’s solo material. His long awaited solo album “Darklight” was released last year so can’t wait to check out this set, with Jim Kirkpatrick (FM) on guitar this should certainly be an interesting show..


The love affair between the UK and Tyketto looks set to continue with the band returning to headline this years opening night. The Festival appearance comes in the middle of a run of UK Tour Dates and the guys are sure to be as fired up as ever. Some of their Festival appearances in recent years have been nothing short of unreal, power passion and the arena will be loud with the sound of a crowd singing every word It’s great to see the band selling out dates on this current tour and there’s no doubt that this set will be one of the highlights of the weekend, with the crowd wanting more..

Fridays Lineup sees among others


Another returning band, Fahran are no strangers to the AOR Festival, following a busy year in 2018 and a successful appearance at the Bloodstock Festival among others don’t forget to check out Matt Black and the guys it’s sure to be one of the days more memorable sets.


Not their first time at HRH either Scottish three piece Haxan are a proper Rock ‘N Roll act, I’m sure they have heard far too many comparisons with fellow Scots three piece The Amorettes, but they have a very different sound and stand very much on their own merits.

The Radio Sun

We all like to see different bands at Festivals, but when a band performs so well and makes such a positive impact each year that they have played, even though it’s surprising, it says a lot about the bands themselves that they have been invited back for a fourth time in a row with Steve Janevski (Guitar) and Jason Old (Vocals), Gilbert Annese on Drums and Anthony Wong  on Bass. The bands wonderful harmonies are always something to look forward to every time we see them and long may their visits continue. During this years set we will no doubt get to hear some more tracks off last summers album release “Beautiful Strange”.


The guys have been on top form recently, as usual, what you can expect is a full on energetic set, a band that always give 100%, always engage really well with the audience and have the arms up anthems that make people smile, sing and scream all at the same time. Such a solid band live, and with five albums under belt whatever we get on the day it’s going to be powerful and fun. Enjoy this band, they deliver.

Romeo’s Daughter

Always a pleasure to get to see Leigh and the guys, a really classy Hard Rock outfit with a great voice leading the way, whatever the make of the band the musicians are always massively talented. With a wonderful back catalogue and a band who’s more recent output has been really good. No doubt the HRH set will offer up some of the bands wonderful ballads like “I Cry Myself To Sleep At Night”, this band can pull on your heart strings just as easily as Rock you out, always worth checking out.

Blood Red Saints

BRS have stepped in as a late replacement at this years event, and on the back of the very recently released Pulse album it will be great to see the guys showcase some of the new songs in their set, always fun and great to see live, another set not to miss if you can get to it. It’s a shame they aren’t on the bigger stage, but I have no doubt they will absolutely nail it as they always do.

Wayward Sons

Toby Jepson will hit the HRH AOR stage for the firs time with the excellent Wayward Sons, the band are currently working on the follow up to their great debut album Ghosts Of Yet To Come, so hopefully we may get a sneak peak into how the new songs are coming along. Either way this one is bound to be a hell of a set.


Making their way through their 50th Anniversary and sadly final Tour, this is certainly one of the last opportunities to catch real Rock legends live. Any chance to hear Vinny Moore’s screaming guitar and the classic UFO songs is one not to miss. Lets all hope for one last hoorah on the big stage for these guys. With their wonderful back catalog there has to be more than enough to please even the more casual fan. From “Lights Out” to the magnificent “Doctor Doctor” this really could be one of those special moments, lets just say thank you to UFO.

Saturday Highlights –

Bai Bang – with the Swedes having played HRH Sleaze back in 2017 the guys will be raring to go again this year on the AOR Stage bringing their sleazy brand of Rock to AOR. Another band to really look forward to, no strangers to playing the UK but that should ensure a good crowd for their set. Unfortunately they are on Stage 2 which seems a little odd to me.


Currently out on tour with Tyketto, the girls and guys are really on top form at the moment, they sound great and the girls harmonies are off the charts, will be great to see the band on a bigger stage offering them the chance to move around more. This band deserves to go places, and all of their hard work is paying dividends in their sound.

Heavy Pettin’

A band that had some terrific Hard Rock songs back in the 80’s return with an updated lineup and will close out the main second stage and be the last band on of the Festival. Purely from a selfish point of view I’d love to hear “Heaven Sent” as it was a song that just went around my head for months back in 1987.

Midnite City

Midnite City have just kept on gaining momentum since they arrived on the scene a couple of years ago, with two bloody excellent albums under their belts the guys continue to Tour and get invited to a lot of Festivals, and the reason is they are excellent live, they create a great buzz and they rock damn hard, terrific melodic rock, awesome harmonies, and great musicians, what’s not to like, oh and they are great guys too – get to this set, you won’t regret it.

The Electric Boys

Having pulled out of last years event to complete recording of their recently released album The Ghost Ward Diaries, and sometimes that just happens but we don’t get to see the band next time around, so thanks to HRH and the guys for putting it all right this time around. The Swedish Rockers are bound to be a big draw and personally can’t wait to finally get to see them live.

Pretty Boy Floyd – another of the bands still producing new music, and signed to the Frontiers label, Pretty Boy Floyd are sure to power through their set of sleazy Glam with an attitude of balls out rock. Having come back hard with 2017’s Public Enemies the guys are sure to make this trip a spectacle to remember.

Ted Poley

The Enigmatic one, whenever this man plays, be it with Danger Danger, Tokyo Motor Fist, or solo you know that the Party is on and you are going to have a great set to end the evening, and in this case close out the Festival main stage. We will hopefully get a few tracks off the excellent recent release “Modern Art” alongside some of the other DD classics.

Being honest there are lots of other bands, up and coming bands playing on Stage 2 and I really would love to be able to get to see everyone, but with the timings it doesn’t look like that will be possible this time around. Once again the chance to see some bands that don’t make it over this way very often along, it will be great to see The Electric Boys finally hit the HRH Stage, for many it will be the last opportunity to say goodbye to UFO, and of course with Ted Poley closing the show we are sure to have an absolute blast. So roll on Thursday the party is once again about to start, different venue same fun