HRH Sleaze II – Preview

Rockposer Dot Com!‘s Stephen Brophy previews HRH Sleaze II:

Here’s a quick preview of this coming weekends HRH Sleaze II, which once again will be taking place at the O2 Academy in Sheffield over the weekend of 1st & 2nd of September 2018. Last year’s Festival was a lot of fun and had a great mix of different types of bands across the Sleaze/Rock genres and this year is no different with some legends and some up and coming Artists, which should again lead to a cracking weekend. HRH Sleaze is a two day event that takes place over two stages. With the 2nd Stage hosting 5 bands each day alongside the Acoustic sets, but it will be the Main Stage that gets most of the attention from attendees. Headliners this year are the mighty LA Guns and a band I’ve wanted to see for an age Backyard Babies from Sweden.

So let’s start with the with the Day 1 lineup –

This year Royalty/VIP ticket holders will be treated again to some short Acoustic sets by some of the artists playing the Festival, 2 on Day 1 (The Idol Dead, Psychobabylon)  and 3 on Day 2. (Falling Red, Black Bullets and Black Roze), these sets tend to be 15-20 minutes in length but usually a lot of fun.

Stage 1 

Midnite City

Perhaps not in the Sleaze bracket, but Midnite City released one of the best Melodic Rock albums of 2017 and have rapidly built up a large and loyal following. Very talented bunch of guys fronted by Rob Wylde who will be double jobbing with Tigertailz on the Sunday night and Pete Newdeck on Drums you can be assured of classy rock songs with awesome backing vocals. Bound to make a big impression this weekend.

Last Great Dreamers

Another from the Rock stable, Last Great Dreamers are no strangers to HRH events having played the last two AOR Festivals, and they are sure to once again entertain the crowd in this early afternoon time slot.


The Belgian quintet are going to bring the party to Sleaze and you better be ready, soaring guitars and vocals will be the order of the day here, and we can expect a very high energy set and fun will be the order of the day.


One of the bands people are most looking forward to catching, including me, Jetboy not only released some excellent albums back in the late 80’s and through the 90s, but their new single ‘Born To Fly‘ is bloody excellent, so next year’s first release in 9 years should be a cracker. Most will be here to just get the chance to see them and hear the classics.

LA Guns

The Guns are out there and playing much more regularly these days and they look like they are loving it, after a great set at AOR last year they are back to Headline Sleaze where they belong. It’s brilliant to see Phil and Tracii in unison, and working on another new album.

Stage 2 

The Idol Dead

Getting a lot of press recently for their chaotic and full on live performances can’t wait to see these guys destroy the 2nd Stage, no doubt next time out these guys will be on a Main Stage so get along to this set while you can still be right up close and personal.


Deep low end bass lines, rocking riffs and cracking vocals that build in aggression’s as the tracks progress, looking forward to trying to catch some of their set.

Speed Stroke

Italian band Speed Stroke I should probably know a bit more about, all out rock, there’s a bit of a mix of Hardcore Superstar and G’n’R about them, it’s ballsy it’s fun and it’s powerful.

The Senton Bombs

These guys are different, they’re not quite what you expect and it can all change in a minute, these guys aren’t likely to let you get comfortable where you are.

Coyote Mad Seeds

Local Sheffield 3 piece Coyote Mad Seeds do make a racket, will be interesting to see how they get on and hopefully they will win over a bunch of new fans at the Festival.

Day 2

Stage 1 

Neon Animal

A definite old school vibe about these guys, a little bit slower paced than a lot of the bands we’ll here this weekend, but that can be a nice break too at times.

The Erotics

A blast from the past, but still powering on The Erotics are coming for you, don’t get in the way as they just might steamroll right over you.

Falling Red

Cumbrian lads Falling Red are also no strangers to HRH Festivals and they are so well suited to Sleaze, this band should go down really well with the crowd, perhaps a little heavier than most on the bill, but they definitely rock.

Shiraz Lane

On the release of this years ‘Carnival Days‘ album Finnish Rockers Shiraz Lane have stepped up again, this could really be one of the sets of the weekend.

Toxic Rose

Not always the easiest band to define, there’s a fair bit of Power Metal about them alongside sleazy rock, one thing is for sure they are a classy sounding band that could be the most visual of the weekend alongside the power of the music.


The Welsh legends are ready blast out all of their classics, they have been on top form in recent years and no doubt will blow away any mid afternoon fatigue. With Rob Wylde fronting the band these days it’s been a great switch for Tigertailz, really looking forward to catching them again.

Backyard Babies

The Swedes are a massive draw for me personally, and it’s great to see them back in the UK. Everything can be expected in this set,  sleazy with a bit of a punk edge and at the same time the ability to knock out a blindingly good slow song, this will be one not to miss.

Stage 2 

Black Roze

Well gotta admit this band will be absolutely new to me at the Festival, if I can get over to check them out I will, but the only thing I can see about them is – UK, female singer, lets see how they rock.

The Black Bullets

Playing a filthy, punky form or Rock ‘N’ Roll, The Black Bullets will bring an interesting set to proceedings.

Midnight Dogs

Stepping in at the last minute to replace a band that had to pull out is never an easy task, so best of luck to Midnight Dogs and as often happens these guys could be one of the surprises of the weekend. Their style of Rock and Roll should go down well when it’s amped up to the nines.

Spyder Byte

Kent 5 piece sleaze merchants Spyder Byte come with high pitched vocals and the right attitude, this sounds right at home for Sleaze.

Snake Bite Whisky

Aussie brawlers Snake Bite Whisky come across as a mix between a Sleaze band and something much heavier, definitely some Motorhead influences in there, may very well be an interesting one to check out.

All in all a really good and varied mix of bands, there will be massive sound and style differences across the board and as always I’m sure the audience will fully embrace it all and this is going to be a cracking weekend.