Review: Maverick – Cold Star Dancer

Review: Maverick – Cold Star Dancer

Metalopolis Records (April 6th 2018)

Reviewer: Stephen Brophy 

After the success of their second album ‘Big Red’ Northern Ireland’s Maverick are back with a brand new opus, and it’s just so damn good. The expectations have been quite high for this release and they have been smashed, this is the sound of a band maturing and continuing to grow as they develop. Eleven new songs and a cover, and there is a great flow to this album even though the vibe and pace is different right through.

From the first time I saw Jonathan playing with the band it was quite obvious that he was going to be a beast behind the drum kit, and there are places on this album where he’s allowed to push a bit harder, there are few albums that sound like this and contain double bass drumming (the powerful end to ‘Cold Star Dancer‘ and opening of the following power house ‘Myrmidon‘), but it fits in perfectly with the riffs and feel of the tracks., he’s fo

Ryan’s guitar sound and playing throughout is terrific and these tracks are just going to be monsters live with Steve weighing in, there is a nice crunch alongside the soaring solos, but for everything it’s the control of the power that shines through, everything has clearly been thought through and worked on in minute detail.

There are many highlights on this album, it’s a blinding piece of work, from the depth and power in the title track and ‘Myrmidon‘, through the epic feel of ‘Magellan Rise‘” there is just something different that grabs you in each song, and this is different from a lot of their earlier work, but it’s excellent. It’s not like they have forgotten how to write a ballsy driving rocker, just grab a listen to ‘Seize The Day‘, everywhere you turn it’s a different path, but somehow they’ve manage to blend different styles perfectly. Still with everything else on offer ‘Devil’s Night‘ keeps grabbing me by the throat and drags me kicking and screaming along with the chorus, it’s the one I’m singing along to without even noticing.

The inclusion of a cover of Rick Springfield’s classic ‘Jessie’s Girl‘ may certainly raise a few eyebrows when they see it on the track listing, it certainly did mine, but bloody hell they’ve taken the song and really run with it themselves, the sound is the same but very different..

There really aren’t enough bands like Maverick on the Melodic Rock scene these days, they write a lot of songs that become anthems without necessarily creating them to be that, the music is upbeat and uplifting but at the same time contains a harder edge than most bands in this genre can access without messing up the overall sound. To me this is the album that will make a bigger mark for the band, it has the special quality that offers something different on every listen, just love it. Go and grab this one and play it loud, it deserves that.