ST. James Release ‘Attitude’ Video.

New Haven, Connecticut melodic US hard rock sensations ST. James featuring The Rods drummer / producer Carl Canedy, have released a brand new video for the song ‘Attitude‘ from their latest ‘Resurgence‘ album.

St. James band members have collectively checked in with the following comment:

We were not really interested in doing a typical performance video. You have to really be different now a days and keep people’s attention. Attention spans are short. Those of you who know us know we love sports. It’s a lot like rock n roll. You crash and burn. We knew a producer who had been doing videos like this for his friends for a long time and we sought him out. We played him the song “Attitude” and the ideas flooded in.

As for live performances, St James should be doing some live shows this year. We are hoping to hit some festivals in Europe and we are excited for people to hear our new music. We have a lot of surprises coming up in 2018.

Resurgence‘ was released by Sleaszy Rider records from Greece on both CD and vinyl formats.

St. James is highly recommended for fans of Van Halen, Bon Jovi and Aerosmith.

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