Review: Jorn – Life on Death Road

Review: Jorn – Life on Death Road

Frontiers Music Srl (June 2017)

Reviewer – David Mark Pearce

Here, at long last – the new album by Whitesnake! No, wait, I meant Dio. Sorry – Black Sabbath!

Life on Death Road‘ is Jorn’s first, all original, album since the mighty ‘Swing of Death‘ (with Trond Holter), but, when you listen to this stunning new album, you could be fooled at times into thinking it was by any one of those bands! Some may think I’m being a tad detrimental to the fine work on display here, but nothing could be further from the truth!

If ever there was an artist who’s not ashamed to wear his influences on his sleeve and pretty much sing from the same hymn sheet, it’s Jorn! I refer back to the three bands I mentioned at the beginning of this review. Whitesnake, Dio and Black Sabbath (Dio fronted, of course) are surely up there as having, over the last fifty years, shaped Rock & Metal into what we know today – which I’m paraphrasing from something Jorn has said.

So, don’t be surprised that this album is very much in the vein of those bands in particular. Even the guitarist went to great lengths to try his best to be, uh, “influenced” by Mr John Sykes. Not that that’s a bad thing, as I see no sign of his new album on the horizon any time soon.

My only criticism of this album and the whole influence thing, is the song ‘Devil You Can Drive‘, which is pretty much Whitesnake’s ‘Slip of the Tongue’, just with different lyrics. Aside from that, I love this album.

It’s not a follow up, or continuation, of ‘Swing of Death‘ (which I was hoping for as it’s one of my favourite albums), but a great album none the less that stands up on its own.

I hear another album is in the works and trust me when I say I already have suitable finances put aside for when it comes out