Review: Greta Van Fleet – Black Smoke Rising

Review: Greta Van Fleet – Black Smoke Rising

Virgin EMI 2017

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Greta Van Fleet are a band who are certainly making themselves known. I first became aware of them after their video for ‘Highway Tune‘, the first track on the EP, popped up on my YouTube feed. I was amazed to find the band actually formed back in 2012. The amazement kind of turns to annoyance, not in a negative way, but to find out how young they all are, with this amount of talent it’s just sickening haha!

Oh course the first thing that hit’s the listener is the huge comparison between vocalist Josh Kiszka and a certain Robert Plant CBE. It is ridiculous how much they sound the same, what a fabulous voice. Accompanying Josh are his two brothers, Sam (bass guitar) & Jake (lead guitar) and their friend Danny Wagner (drums). These four guys deliver a polished, professional slab of 70’s rock mingled with elements of modern, and absolutely loaded with Led Zeppelin influences.

Yes this influence and the vocal similarity may be held against them by certain quarters, but we need to look past that and applaud them for traveling down the rock route rather than some reality TV pop combo!

Black Smoke Rising‘ is available to download for a mere £2.09! If ever there was a bargain to be had, this is it. Grab yourselves a copy and crank it up….