Review: Jim Jidhed – Push On Through

Jim Jidhed – Push On Through

Review: Jim Jidhed Push On Through

AOR Heaven (January 2017)

Reviewer: Stephen Brophy

There are lots of great singers out there on this planet, but there’s definitely some that are just on a different level, Jim Jidhed is definitely one of those. Lead singer of Swedish band Alien, his voice is just like velvet rolling through your ears.

This is Jim’s 6th Solo album and musically the sound is a bit different from the previous releases, this time it’s a little more Rock, a little bit of a harder edge on tracks like ‘Love Was Waiting‘ but it’s still very much an AOR/Melodic Rock record with signature Ballads that are just terrific.

The highlight of this has to be ‘The First Time‘, such a well crafted song, more of a classic AOR track, but just absolutely top notch, Jim delivers, as everywhere else, a confident, smooth and always classy vocal, with the assembled crew adding to the song with some great playing, almost reminiscent in places of a John Waite style of song it just rolls along, with the guitars held just short of exploding into screaming solos, great stuff, not the loudest track on the album, not the brashest, but it’s just got that something a little extra to it.

The tracks like the raucous ‘If We Call It Love‘, which is a cracking rocker and can see this one being very popular live and the beautiful ballad ‘Too Many Words‘ are also all excellent, along with the title track ‘Push On Through‘, I can imagine that the album took some time to put together, and it was worth it, looks like a lot of attention to detail went into the process from putting the songs together to mixing everything, great work all around..

With the likes of Ken Sandin (Alien) on Bass, Michael Palace (Palace) and Philip Lindstrand on Guitar being welcome additions to the creation of this album, not only excellent musicians, but people that know and understand Jim’s music it all helps to create a great package. With the albums producer also looking after Drum duties, Daniel Flores has done a terrific job of both, it’s generally the guitar sound throughout that makes it a little bit outside the AOR standard, but the leanings are still correctly there, it would have been a mistake to make the music any heavier and the blend with Jim’s voice wouldn’t have worked as well as it does, a lot of care has been taken here. While we await a new Alien album don’t overlook this little gem, Jim is on top form, as always and there’s some excellent tracks on this one.

Let’s hope that Jim gets out to do some solo shows around Europe to promote this album, would love to hear these songs live and would be a travesty if they weren’t aired to a wider audience, that’s how good this one is, what a great start to 2017, another bloody cracking album, worth everyone’s attention.