Review – White Widdow – Silhouette


Review – White Widdow – Silhouette

AOR Heaven (Nov 2016)

Reviewer: Stephen Brophy

The band is still being led by the Millis brothers, Xavier (Keyboards) and Jules (Vocals), alongside the always impressive Enzo Almanzi (Guitar), and the ever so solid rhythm section of Ben Webster (Bass) and Noel Tenny (Drums), it’s a band I’ve always really liked, the last album Crossfire was excellent so high expectations for this latest release. Ten tracks of pure Melodic Rock goodness here, with some really terrific tracks, in particular ‘Game Of Love‘ that gets you moving and has a nice pace to it, what might seem like a pretty straight forward track in ‘Surrender My Heart‘ but it’s got a great balance to it and a slightly deeper and darker ballad in ‘Damage Done‘ which has a bit of a different feel to it to the rest of the album, but it still fits really well here.

This band has definitely hit their stride with this lineup, the songs on this album will definitely come alive when the band hit a stage, there is, as with Crossfire lots of guitar solos, some fiery playing, but it never overpowers the rest of the playing here, as always the keyboards are as much in the mix and sound great.

One thing on the version of the album I have been listening to that I just can’t seem to get past is a Mobile Phone vibrating on track ‘Waited‘ which is a bloody good track, but sitting on a bus I think it’s a phone someone has left on and ignored and it just shouldn’t be there, I try to ignore it, but now every time I play the track subliminally you just wait to hear that and it detracts from the song, which has a great hook and some terrific guitar work. Really hoping it isn’t on the final release and it got picked up by someone, but 12 seconds of annoying buzzing takes a bit from the song, that’s for sure.

Overall it’s another really good Melodic Rock album, well written and performed, these guys have a formula of their own that just seems to work really well, balance maybe a little bit on the slower side on this release, but it still works very well. Hopefully they will make their way back over to the UK soon to give these new tracks an airing in a live setting.