Review: Boneyard Dog – Bluesbound Train


Review: Boneyard Dog – Bluesbound Train

AOR Heaven (November 2016)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

When Boneyard Dog were first announced, the names on the line-up instantly made me interested in what they might produce. Well the fruits of their labour is now here, and it’s from a fruit tree groaning under the weight of talent and ability.

Regular readers will know my penchant for some decent blues rock, and boy ‘Bluesbound Train‘ has it in spades! The brainchild of vocalist Rob Mancini and guitarist Davy Kerrigan, the album was already underway before the addition of legendary keyboardist Tony Carey and renowned drummer Ron Wikso.

We start off with the intro ‘Atchafayalla‘ complete with vinyl crackling & blues soaked harmonica, it sets the scene for what’s to come perfectly.

To me the album resembles a mixture of American band Tangier and Bernie Marsden, so a big tick in the box for me.

Rob Mancini’s vocals take on a smoky quality, with some fantastic riffs from Davy Kerrigan. The combination of Rob’s bass and Ron’s drumming, together with a first class production give this album a polished feel but still leaving large hints to those whiskey soaked bars.

As with any album that I thoroughly enjoy, it’s always incredibly difficult to pick stand out tracks. So here goes…

Hundred Guns‘ is a track I keep returning too. A perfect blend of blues rock mixed with hints of southern rock. ‘Paid My Dues‘ is just a great blues track, think Gary Moore mixed with Jeff Healey. Davy Kerrigan takes on the vocal duties (as well as on Hell And Back) and what a terrific voice. ‘Fire Down Below‘, a great tongue in cheek blues rock number, another track I’ve repeatedly played. And finally the title track ‘Bluesbound Train‘ Just superb.

If for a sake of balance I was to be at all critical, I’d say ‘Lay Down The Law‘ doesn’t fit as well as the other tracks. Not that it’s a bad track, far from it. Just seems to stand out a little from the others.

So there we have it, an album that will be knocking on the door of my Top 20 albums of 2016. Here’s hoping they follow this up with another album.