Review: Aynsley Lister – Eyes Wide Open

Aynsley Lister - Eyes Wide Open

Review: Aynsley Lister – Eyes Wide Open

Straight Talkin’ Records Ltd (October 2016)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Aynsley Lister is back with his follow up album to his successful 2013 release ‘Home‘. His brand new album ‘Eyes Wide Open’ is his 13th release (if you include his Blues Caravan collaboration)

And back in style I might add, this is obvious from the off that it’s something a bit special. The production quality shines through, with a spatial feel to the overall feeling, tight bass and a sweet not wincing treble.

The album kicks off in fine style with the up tempo ‘All Of Your Love‘, a definite foot tapper of a number with Ansley’s vocals clear and concise and a wonderful tone to his guitar. From the addition of horns on ‘Everything I Have To Give‘ and ‘Hold You To It‘, to the laid back style of say ‘Il Grande Mafioso‘ and ‘Won’t Be Taken Down‘, the album covers all bases, being modern, yet traditional if that makes sense?

Favorite track for me is probably ‘Handful of Doubt‘ which sort of squeezes everything into one. Delving into the plus’s and minus’s of the album I’d say it is bordering on a few too many ‘slow’ tracks although I’m being a little picky here, while on the plus side, this is certainly an album I’ve played a lot the last couple of weeks, which at the end of the day says everything.


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