Review: Iodine Sky – Tides


Iodine Sky – Tides

Self Released (27-05-2016)

Reviewer – Stephen Brophy

Formed in 2013, Manchester four piece Iodine Sky are set to release their debut, self released album on May 27th and it’s a really nice piece of work. Opening up with a really aggressive and heavy into to the track ‘Broken Cross‘ it soon opens out into an alt-rock piece that has plenty of bite and a really melodic edge, especially through the vocals of Aaron Ward, there are some elements throughout the album that would point towards some of the bands influences like Shinedown or a more Hard Rock inspired Deftones, but they are without a doubt trying to forge their own sound, a blend of sorts, and it really works for them.

The album has a great mix of different rock styles and even some elements of Prog in places, and that all ads up to something a little different, the guitars are crunchy in places, spiky in others and in the lighter moments almost float on top of everything else that’s going on. An album that the more you listen to the more you pick up on, with different songs sinking in on second or third listen, such as ‘Down Over Me‘, but when it does hit you it packs a nice punch, I have to say this and I mean absolutely no disrespect to the band, but there’s a very young feel to the music, not sure what audience it’s being aimed at (if indeed there is any target audience) but this music should definitely be popular with a younger audience, and hopefully that will mean great things for the guys, a generation of fans that may get attached to your music and follow you through your career is never a bad thing. There aren’t many bands playing music like this in the UK, certainly not as good as these guys, and to add another string to their bow the backing vocals on the album are really good, with all four members having vocal ability it marks them out a little more from the pack.

The title track ‘Tides‘ kicks off with a staccato style riff that rips through the middle of a song with well balanced vocals, and keyboards that break things up nicely in places, the changes in tempo do nothing but add to the overall effect. Highlights of the album are probably ‘Rewind‘ with an intro that reminded me very much of Deftones, but again Aaron’s vocals are more defined, and different, this track flows along beautifully, the solos aren’t over the top, if anything it’s their subtlety and understated style in places that really make you take notice of them, and also the wonderful closer, which is actually a bonus track ‘Who Knows Who‘ which is just a classy acoustic wandering story of a ballad, it’s a hell of a bonus in reality, also shows off how well these guys sound on their own with a guitar and vocal.

Overall this is an excellent debut for a band that have been together a relatively short time, yes they all have experience in from other bands, but that’s pretty irrelevant, as an entity Iodine Sky have managed to create a great sounding, tightly put together album with their own stamp on it, a sound that I don’t hear coming out of the UK and so much promise for the future. Congratulations to Aaron Ward (Vocals), Josh Owen (Guitar), Dave Murray (Bass) and Josh Zahler (Drums) you should be very proud of this album, the sound and production is excellent as you would expect with Brett Hestla being involved on the production side. It’s not just that this album sounds a bit different, it does, but there’s some really good songs on here and when they put their mind to it they can be damn catchy, right I’m off to listen to ‘Who Knows Who’ again, seems to be stuck in my head.