Review: Tigertailz – Blast

Tigertailz - Blast

Review: Tigertailz – Blast

TT Records (2016)

Reviewer: Kelv Hellrazer

Its been nearly 30 years since I last reviewed Tigertailz , then they were set to be the first British hope against the Yanks , but it fell apart badly. Line up changes, over budget albums, delays , it just never seemed to be about the quality of the music, but more about the money ….they snapped up first indie deal that came, big mistake, whilst the likes of the Quireboys, Thunder and Dogs D’amour got majors and big hype (none of these be arrested in States) Back then looks and fun was the order of the day with catchy metal glam tunes but now its 2016 and they’ve regressed to almost the same as their first record, there’s only one original and it ain’t Andy Scott (fact he’s Welsh is the only Sweet comparison), the lack of direction is astounding, were heavy, were glam, were this mighty claims ….with all the ridiculous line up changes , how about lost.

I had to review this cos I’ve seen it compared to the Sweet. I can say better it’s than ‘Knives’ and ‘Shoe Stuffer’, but it’s like Pretty Boy Floyd , City Kidz , Ragdolls and Fifth Avenue, the glam element comes from Teenage Casket Companie’s Rob Wylde who shops at the Steevi Jaimz, Ace Finchum Store innit, under the misapprehension these guys are up and coming. ‘Just for One Night‘ opens, in fact they had a great song, similar title that never made ‘Young and Crazy’. Rob takes us back to ’87 whilst Jay Pepper’s not improved since 87, it sounds all a bit of a lack of progression .. whilst closer to original sound these guys like myself are 40 and 50 years old, it would be like Sweet doing stuff like Wig Wam Bam. Rob Wylde excels on the Mud cover ‘Dynamite‘ , but didn’t Steevi Jaimz do ‘Tiger Feet’ with Ace Finchum as a single ages ago? Jay Pepper singing?… er no, the ballad in the ‘Arms of Mary‘, where’s the quality control? Couldn’t sing backgrounds in 87, its like a reject from Jamie Dovey era Cheesy.corn FNA records song WTF , without the sorely missed Mr Tate …no songs. When I hear an album compared to Aladin Sane, Mott, Sweet and melodic rock I sit up and take notice. Rob’s trying to get em there but it ain’t no ‘My Private Hell’. The glorified shelf stacker has spoken.


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