Tigertailz will release a very special version of ‘Fall In Love Again‘ featuring Suzi Chunk on vocals. This is to commemorate 10 years since losing their bass player Pepsi Tate to pancreatic cancer.
The track will be released on Saturday September 16th, with the video premiering at the band’s tribute show to Pepsi at the Rescue Rooms, Nottingham.

Guitarist and original founding member Jay Pepper says ‘It was very important to us that we never forget him, and in doing this very special evening 10 years on since losing him, we hope everyone can come together and celebrate him for everything he was and remember what he brought to us all, and what he brought to Tigertailz

The single can be pre-ordered from all the usual digital platforms and all proceeds will go to the charity set up in Pepsi’s name AmserJustinTime.


Tigertailz to hold a very special show in September to remember their amazing and talented bass player and friend, Pepsi Tate, 10 Years On.

The evening will be held at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham, from 6.30pm until 10pm on Saturday September 16th, and will feature a meet and greet with the band, along with some other special surprises.

*There will also be a special T-shirt on sale to commemorate the event and proceeds from the sale will go to Pepsi’s charity AmserJustinTime.
**Anyone who cannot attend the evening but would still like to donatesomething can do so on the charity’s website.

Expected to be a very busy evening with limited tickets available. Advance tickets £12.50, on the night £15.

For tickets and more information please click here.

The Tigertailz back catalogue of albums is now up and available for download and streaming from all digital retailers including – iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer.


Young And Crazy




You Lookin At Me

Bezerk 2.0

Thrill Pistol

Bezerk Live Burnin Fuel

Blast and Shoot To Kill

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Shoot To Kill

Tigertailz have released a video for ‘All The Girls In The World‘, the fourth video from their latest album BLAST.

Jay says: “We had such an amazing show at this years Bang Your Head festival in Germany we felt it was only right to give the amazing fans who attended that show something to remember it by.
So what better way than to use our crazy Tailz Maniacz fan footage as a video for our new single ‘All The Girls’. We’ve always wanted to do one of these and the video has turned out amazing! And this won’t be the last single off our new album BLAST. There’ll be more to blow your mind soon!

The band have also been busy working on their 250 limited edition Shoot To Kill EP, which will be on pink vinyl. Due for release on November 14th. The EP celebrates 30 years of Tigertailz history. Fans can grab the EP here

Tigertailz are off to the US later this month to play the Rock N Skull Festival in Joliet, Illinois, on Sunday October 30th. Tickets are available here
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Tigertailz - Blast

Review: Tigertailz – Blast

TT Records (2016)

Reviewer: Kelv Hellrazer

Its been nearly 30 years since I last reviewed Tigertailz , then they were set to be the first British hope against the Yanks , but it fell apart badly. Line up changes, over budget albums, delays , it just never seemed to be about the quality of the music, but more about the money ….they snapped up first indie deal that came, big mistake, whilst the likes of the Quireboys, Thunder and Dogs D’amour got majors and big hype (none of these be arrested in States) Back then looks and fun was the order of the day with catchy metal glam tunes but now its 2016 and they’ve regressed to almost the same as their first record, there’s only one original and it ain’t Andy Scott (fact he’s Welsh is the only Sweet comparison), the lack of direction is astounding, were heavy, were glam, were this mighty claims ….with all the ridiculous line up changes , how about lost.

I had to review this cos I’ve seen it compared to the Sweet. I can say better it’s than ‘Knives’ and ‘Shoe Stuffer’, but it’s like Pretty Boy Floyd , City Kidz , Ragdolls and Fifth Avenue, the glam element comes from Teenage Casket Companie’s Rob Wylde who shops at the Steevi Jaimz, Ace Finchum Store innit, under the misapprehension these guys are up and coming. ‘Just for One Night‘ opens, in fact they had a great song, similar title that never made ‘Young and Crazy’. Rob takes us back to ’87 whilst Jay Pepper’s not improved since 87, it sounds all a bit of a lack of progression .. whilst closer to original sound these guys like myself are 40 and 50 years old, it would be like Sweet doing stuff like Wig Wam Bam. Rob Wylde excels on the Mud cover ‘Dynamite‘ , but didn’t Steevi Jaimz do ‘Tiger Feet’ with Ace Finchum as a single ages ago? Jay Pepper singing?… er no, the ballad in the ‘Arms of Mary‘, where’s the quality control? Couldn’t sing backgrounds in 87, its like a reject from Jamie Dovey era Cheesy.corn FNA records song WTF , without the sorely missed Mr Tate …no songs. When I hear an album compared to Aladin Sane, Mott, Sweet and melodic rock I sit up and take notice. Rob’s trying to get em there but it ain’t no ‘My Private Hell’. The glorified shelf stacker has spoken.



Tigertailz Announce New Bass Player Berty Burton.

Berty says: ‘Couldn’t be happier to have been asked, hell, even considered, to join such a great band!  Looking forward to sharing a stage with my new band-mates, and playing for all the Tailz fans! I know I have some big shoes to fill, but I’ll try and do you all proud. The new line up sounds absolutely monstrous!
See you in July Maniacz!!’

Quote from Jay ”As soon as we rehearsed with Berty we immediately knew he was the right guy for the job, he’s such a solid player, great to work with, and ticks all the boxes of exactly what we need in Tigertailz going forward. He’s played with New Generation Superstars and Drugdealer Cheerleader in Europe/UK, so we knew where his high standard of playing was at.
So at last we now have a fully functioning stable, UK based band, and cannot wait for the July shows to show how fantastic it’s all sounding right now!
See you there Maniacz!!”
A few weeks ago the band announced previous bassist Rob Wylde (Teenage Casket Company) was to switch roles into the new vocalist.
Tigertailz are now looking forward to the first shows with this completed new line up in July, with more dates TBC later this year.
Tigertailz are also currently in the studio working on ‘Daggerz‘, a long awaited album, which will be the follow up to the ‘Knives’ EP in 2013.
Catch the band live at The Rock N Bike Festival on Fri July 17th,
and then Dreadnoughts Club, Bathgate (Scotland) Sat 18th July.

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