Review: Punky Meadows – Fallen Angel

Punky Meadows –Fallen Angel

Review: Punky Meadows – Fallen Angel

Escape Music (May 2016)

Reviewer: Phil Schofield

For those who may be unfamiliar with his legacy, Punky Meadows was the renowned axe slinger from seventies pomp rock gods Angel. It’s been 35 years since they split and now ironically hot on fellow Angel Frank Diminos’ earlier release comes Fallen Angel.

Collaborating closely with close friend Danny Farrow (Lords of Mercy) we have a very generous and diverse fifteen tracks that hits the bullseye of a hard rock target.

Kicking off the a very grandiose intro ‘Descent/Price You Pay’ lays the foundation for some gutsy guitar to showcase vocalist Chandler Mogel’s talents.

The standout out tracks for me on this album are ‘Home Wrecker’ resplendent with some fine keyboard fluffiness and a very catchy singalong earworm ‘Shadow Man’.

In brief the album has a bright and crisp feel with Punky’s inimitable guitar fuzz weaving a merry seventies guitar tapestry that still sits well over 3 decades later.

‘Searchin’ is another easy on the ear foot tapper to show off the bands prowess, simple but effective.

Instrumental title track ‘Fallen Angel’ goes to show the mans histrionics are still kicking hard and this former Angels wings are far from clipped.

Let’s hope and prey for live gigs maybe as support or on a European festival junket in the near future.

If you like your rock hard and your guitars warmly overdriven then place your album order real soon.


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