Review: Diviner – Fallen Empires

Diviner - Fallen Empires

Review: Diviner – Fallen Empires

Ulterium Records (2015)

Reviewer – Stephen Brophy

Diviner are a Metal band from Greece and they are bloody good. Hailing from Athens and releasing their debut album Fallen Empires this is just rifftmania. Blending classic metal with heavier thrash/speed elements, it’s not an easy thing to do well, it can sound very cliched or forced, not here, the album flows really well and even with style changes nothing grates against each other, it’s quite obvious that these guys know their craft very well indeed and this album has been well conceived and put together.

There’s definitely some Testament in the guitars here and there and some Flotsam & Jetsam in the vocal delivery, along with memories of classic Thrash/Metal bands, but it’s not just a tribute to anything, this is new and fresh, reminds me of listening to Forbidden for the first time. No easing into this one either the title track ‘Fallen Empires‘ kicks things off with a killer riff and when Yiannis vocals start the listener’s attention if grabbed even harder, there’s a quality sound to this song, there’s that addictive quality that makes you hit repeat, but that would be denying yourself a listen to ‘Kingdom Call‘ which has a bit of a DIO sound to it which is never a bad thing either, but there’s changes left right and center and ‘The Legend Goes On‘ is certainly something more akin to Power Metal,  all of this is hugely positive for a band releasing it’s debut.

Other highlights here are ‘Come Into My Glory‘ a rousing anthem of a song, again with a killer riff running through it and there’s a feeling you are being drawn into the world Diviner are drawing for you, ‘The Shadow And The Dark’ over anything else on the album really sounds like something that could have been on a No Place For Disgrace era Flotsam & Jetsam album, but again there’s far too much of their own sound in this track to think it’s anything but Diviner, but that’s the sort of quality we are talking about here, crunchy clear guitars and a rock solid rhythm section and a comfortable pace that suits the music, finally ‘Out In The Abyss‘ brings proceedings to an end in a very classy fashion, nice pace changes here and it gathers to a very speedy mid-section and manages not to get boring despite clocking in at almost seven minutes.

Damn this is a good stuff, if you like your Metal with blazing twin guitars, catchy riffs all over, driving bass and drums and excellent vocals on top you’ll find it very hard to go wrong with this one.  Musically everything is so clean and tight and everyone in this band plays their part is creating a great album that you can be sure most people didn’t see coming at the end of an already choc full 2015 calendar. Diviner are yet another band I must keep a close eye on going forward.