Review: Rage Of Angels – The Devils New Tricks

The Devil's New Tricks

Review: Rage Of Angels – The Devils New Tricks

Escape Music (2016)

Reviewer: Phil Schofield

February 26th 2016 sees the release of the follow up to the Rage Of Angels debut release ‘Dreamworld’.

For those who are unfamiliar with the band, this is the side project & brainchild of keyboard & guitarist Ged Rylands who also serves his time tinkling the ivories with the mighty Tyketto.

Unlike the eponymous 2013 first release, this album sets out its stall with all lead vocals being capably handled by Rob Moratti (ex SAGA).

Kicking off with the aptly titled ‘Rage Of Angels‘ I’m immediately hit with a heavy wall of Purplesque overtones and searing guitars.

The album is littered with many “earworm” chant along songs, particularly ‘All Your Own Way‘ title song ‘The Devil’s New Tricks‘ & ‘I Feel It In My Heart‘. The range of Rob’s vocals is at times mesmerising with cleverly overlayed harmonies to give the songs a truly polished feel.

Being a long time UFO fan I was particularly drawn to ‘Strangers In the Night‘ with lyrical name drops a plenty to the songs of Mogg & co & the lamenting ballad ‘Long Days Without You‘.

By harnessing the rhythmic powerhouse of Coldspell’s drummer & bassist Perra Johansson plus Chris Goldsmith and Neil Fraser’s solos, all mixed & mastered by guitarist Martin Kronlund this album takes a step forward in establishing the groups unity.

The call & response between Ged’s keyboard wizardry & guitar playing and Chris Green and Neil Fraser’s fluid execution of free flowing solos all serves to make this a must have album of 2016. Here’s hoping that booking agents & promoters take heed of the bands growing popularity as this album truly deserves to be gigged .

All in all a fine slab of powerful melodic rock of the highest order.