Review: Lugnet – Lugnet



Lugnet – Lugnet

Pride & Joy Music (2016)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Hailing from Sweden (yes another scandi band) Lugnet are a band who’ve not followed the deluge of Scandi bands and recorded a melodic rock album. Instead your treated to a delicious slice of British inspired 70’s hard rock.

The first track on the album ‘All The Way’ is actually rather reminiscent of Voodoo Circle’s take on Whitesnake, if that makes sense. Vocalist Roger Solander is a delightful mixture of David Coverdale, John Lawton & Ian Gillan. His vocals ticks so many boxes on my ‘musical tastes’ list!

Sails’ is more like that other Gillan (Ray) and Badlands, infusing an underlying current of blues rock into the mix.

Next up is ‘Veins’ with a pounding riff and Solander wailing away, thankfully with plenty of control to his vocals. Large slabs of Dio/Sabbath influence make this very enjoyable.

We head back to Coverdale / early Snake territory with the excellent ‘Tears In The Sky’. Special guest Bruno Erminero on the Hammond Organ, adds to the 70’s feel with great effect.

It Ain’t Easy’ starts off with a reasonably fast tempo, and to my ears comes across as Uriah Heep, and the catchy chorus easily sticks in the old grey matter.

We keep the tempo uplifted with ‘Gypsy Dice’, drummer Fredrik Jansson giving the kit a damn good work out and a fine exempt of the ‘double axe attack’ courtesy of messers Marcus ‘Mackan’ Holten and Danne ‘Bonden’ Jansson.

The penultimate track on the album ‘In The Still Of The Water’ sees the band once again slipping on the Deep Purple shoes and giving it their all.

And so to the last track (wish there were more). Thankfully they leave us with a track that’s nearly ten and a half minutes long. Solander’s vocals on ‘Into The Light’ remind me of Tony Martin era Black Sabbath, once again not a bad thing whatsoever.

To quickly sum up, I can see this album creeping into my Top 20, if not my Top 10 releases of 2016.