Review: Lucid Dreams – Build And Destroy

Build And Destroy

Review: Lucid Dreams – Build And Destroy

Red Ball Productions (2015)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Norwegian melodic metal band Lucid Dreams are back with their follow up to their self titled debut album released a couple of years ago. Having enjoyed that first release and in fact reviewed it on this very site, I was pleased to be sent ‘Build And Destroy’ for review.

Starting off with ‘Wings Of The Night‘ which nicely follows on from their previous album, it’s feet firmly planted in melodic metal territory. ‘Hellbound‘ follows with atmospheric keyboards filling out the background but not swamping the other instruments which all too often happens. Then we have the very catchy ‘Fear No Evil‘. Got to say I like this track a lot, it’s on, for want of a better phrase, the lighter end of the melodic metal spectrum, but it’s a track I keep coming back to.

Absence Of Innocence‘ again starts with those atmospheric keyboards and when the vocals start it’s very reminiscent of 1987 era Whitesnake. However it slowly builds until the vocals take a harder edge and become almost Queensrÿche like. At over six minutes long it has to be my favorite track on the album.

We next have the title track ‘Build And Destroy‘ another straightforward melodic metal track with a great chorus.

High Heeled Devil‘ is cranked up guitars and a bounding beat together with a backing vocal which would not be out of place on an Iron Maiden track. Second to last track ‘Shanghai Cyanide‘ has a somewhat ‘old school’ guitar sound to it which I rather like to be honest, interspersed again with swirling keyboards, all rather good.

Eye Of The Storm‘ brings the album to a close in an uptempo manner. Solid stuff and again very enjoyable,

I would certainly recommend this album, a fine follow up to their debut. Onward to album number three?