Review: S.A.Y – Orion


Review: S.A.Y – Orion

MelodicRock Records/Cargo Distribution (2015)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

S.A.Y  is the brainchild of guitarist Jan Åkesson and singer Peter Grundström who between them released six albums under the StoneLake moniker.

The Scandinavians have continually shown that they have the key to the chest of ingredients for making melodic rock, so I had high hopes for this release.

Kicking off with the track ‘Tragedy‘ you can easily see Tony Harnell singing this. Think TNT Lite and you’d not be far wrong. However, I could actually see Grundström’s vocals getting on some people’s nerves somewhat as the high notes do on occasion grate a little. As I’ve said on many occasion, if you don’t like the vocals then an album is pretty much dead.

I could break down each of the eleven tracks on the album, but to be honest it’s difficult to separate them as there are no real stand out tracks, and they are somewhat on the short side.

While this is in no means a bad album, it’s just not got enough bite for my taste.