Review: Jimmy Barnes – Hindsight


Jimmy Barnes – Hindsight

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Well there is no mistaking who’s singing from the outset.

Not that there was going to be any doubt on that front, with Jimmy Barnes having one of the most recognisable voices in rock.

It’s staggering to think its 30 years since Jimmy left Cold Chisel.

To quote Jimmy regarding the new album “These songs are important to me – I wouldn’t go out there and change the essence of the songs,”

Jimmy has lined up an all star cast of artists, with members of his family getting in on the act too, those being his daughter Mahalia, and son David Campbell and his brother-in-law Mark Lizotte (Diesel)

Onto the music itself. This is classic Jimmy Barnes, no doubt about that. And it’s a great twist on what is a Greatest Hits album. Rather then just release an album of the original recordings, we have them re-visited with the aforementioned help. And what a visit it is too!

We kick off with ‘Lay Down Your Guns’ which of course was originally on the 1990 album ‘Two Fire’. The Living End have the honour of being the first collaboration on ‘Hindsight’ I guess there’s an amount of pressure as well as prestige for this as you’ve got to hook the listeners, who maybe are new to Jimmy as an artist. But it grabs you by the throat, full of energy, and doesn’t let go.

I know it’s going to be tricky for me to pick stand out tracks as it were, but here goes….

Tina Arena’s sultry vocals and Joe Bonamassa’s exemplary playing on ‘Stone Cold’ have really added to what is one of my favourite Jimmy Barnes songs. It just works on every level and I’ve re-played it over and over again.

After hearing Mahalia Barnes’ vocals on ‘Stand Up’ I must track down her other material, because wow, what an amazing voice.

Without doubt the best known track is ‘Working Class Man’. Joining Jimmy is none other then Jonathan Cain (Journey) as well as Ian Moss (Cold Chisel). All the ingredients are still there from the original but somehow enhanced if that makes sense? Superb!

Now let’s not let those tracks overshadow the rest of the album. Every song is a belter and it’s pleasing to see Kevin Shirley on production duties, giving us an album which has depth and clarity and not one of those over saturated releases which are coming too commonplace.

As you’ve probably gathered, I’m not only a Jimmy Barnes fan, but a fan of ‘Hindsight’.

You need to add this to your ‘must buy’ list immediately.