Joined Forces Release Anthology (83-89)

Joined Forces featuring Jimi Bell of Autograph and House Of Lords release their 1983-1989 career spanning ‘Anthology‘ via FnA Records.

In the 80’s, Joined Forces was a staple on the North East/Connecticut hard rock music scene. Fans flocked from hours away to catch the bands over-the-top Live 90 minute performances drenched in catchy melodies.

Joined Forces influences were deep and varied. Anything and everything from Zep to the Beatles, Deep Purple, Rolling Stones to name a few. Many thought of them as a combination of Van Halen and Aerosmith. According to the first singer in Joined Forces, Mark Diamond, “We were heavy without being metal.

In 1983-4, the band recorded and released a very small run of Demo Cassettes  which are the treasure of many fans collections. In 1985, Joined Forces made their first professional recording and released the EP ‘Show & Tell‘, released on vinyl only.

Joined Forces had the good fortune of opening for Joan Jett, so when they needed a backing band for Joan Jett in the movie ‘Light Of Day‘ (with Michael J. Fox) – Joined Forces got the call to step in.

In 1989, Joined Forces entered the studio with a new lead vocalist, Livio, and recorded 10 tracks.  The first 5 tracks, ‘Love Reaction‘, ‘Alone Tonight‘, ‘When The Lovin’s Good‘, ‘Don’t Get Me Started‘, and ‘Sad Boy Blues‘ were produced by James Christian (House Of Lords) and Jeff Cannata. The second set of 5 tracks, ‘Johnny’s On The Bad Side‘, ‘Angel (I Wanna Fly)‘, ‘Taste My Honey‘, ‘One More Time‘, ‘The Wild Side‘ were produced by Paul Sabu.

Joined Forces called it quits in 1990, but every once in awhile revamp to the delight of the eighties rockers who grew up with them in the clubs.

Joined ForcesAnthology‘ is a silver pressed 19 track compilation. Also available digitally. Additionally, Joined Forces T-shirts are available.

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Track List:

01 When The Lovins Good

02 Love Reaction

03 Sad Boy Blues

04 One More Time

05 The Wildside

06 Dont Get Me Started

07 Angel

08 Alone Tonight

09 Johnnys On the Bad Side

10 I Want To Take You Home

11 Shy In Love

12 Phantom Love 1985

13 Nobodys Fool

14 Show & Tell

15 Get Hot

16 Moonchild

17 Phantom Love 1983

18 Hands Off

19 Never Fall