Atomic Kings Release Brand New Single ‘All I Want’, Debut Album Out May 3rd

Atomic Kings  featuring Greg Chaisson (Badlands) on bass, Ken Ronk on vocals, Ryan Mckay on Guitar and Jimi Taft on Drums. Their debut album will be released on May 3rd on all platforms! The brand new single ‘All I Want‘ out now.

Atomic Kings is a raw, powerful group deeply anchored in the supergroups of the 70’s with a modern twist. The songs are very diverse and take you on a musical journey many have been missing in today’s music.

Atomic Kings have created quite a buzz in the music industry with the heavy, powerful blues rock based rhythm section of Chaisson and Taft, the monstrous riff driven, yet delicate melodic guitar of Ryan Mckay, and the unique, soulful, but powerful vocals of Ken Ronk‘s voice singing about love and telling stories that reminds us of the days when Paul Rodgers, Jimmy Dewar and Robert plant were on top of the music world. Atomic Kings might just single-handedly be taking us straight back to the music so many have been longing for!