Swiss Rock Band China Released New Single ‘Ran Out Of Love‘

Swiss rockers China have today released a brand new single ‘Ran Out Of Love‘.

Buy/download ‘Ran Out Of Love‘: here

Switzerland’s most successful Rock act from the 80’s and early 90’s is back!!!

Founded in 1985, the band quickly reached Star status around Europe and Japan.

Their debut album ‘China‘, following with ‘Sign In The Sky‘ and 3rd release ‘Go All The Way‘, all reached top 10 status in the Swiss Hit Parade music charts. Their second release ‘Sign in the Sky‘, successfully exceeded Gold Record status.

Not many back then, could compete with their live shows, their charisma and the reputation of one of the best live acts in Europe.

30 years later, four members from the very first line up’s, decided to come back and perform the songs they all missed and loved…

Werner Hartmeier, will not only share the stage with the mighty Claudio Matteo, but they will be in good company bringing their old fellows along for the ride to play those unforgettable hits such as ‘In The Middle Of The Night‘, ‘Sign In The Sky‘ and ‘Shout It Out‘…

Are you ready to feel nostalgic? Get your socks on! China is back ..!!!


Claudio Matteo, Guitar, Vocals

Freddy Scherer, Guitar, Vocals

Hardy Hartmeier, Vocals

Marc Lynn, Bass

Ralph “Tosi” Tosoni, Drums