Little King Release New Single, ‘Silver Tongue’

The dynamic rock band Little King have released their new single, ‘Silver Tongue‘, to all of the usual Digital platforms. ‘Silver Tongue‘ is the raucous culmination of 25+ years of Little King releases. This single is a celebration of the band’s musical history as well as a confident launch into the future. Moody, introspective, heavy, complex, and ultimately triumphant, ‘Silver Tongue‘ stands as the quintessential Little King opus.

The song was written and recorded during rehearsals for the band’s 25th anniversary shows in 2022. According to the singer/guitarist Ryan Rosoff, “I really wanted to find elements from each previous album and incorporate them into the song. During the bridge, we reference each Little King album title lyrically. But I also found the spirit of the music to be a throwback to early Little King…heavy and raw but with some modern polish.

Per the usual, the band recorded in phases. The drums and guitar bed tracks were laid down first, then Ryan went home and finished the lyrics. The band even recorded a version with some flute solos! They didn’t make the Final Cut, but down the road, they might appear in a re-mix, according to Rosoff.

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