Women Rock Today Release Alter Bridge Cover

Women Rock – a project devised by journalist and YouTuber Belgian Jasper, returns to celebrate International Women’s Day 2023! This year sees Alter Bridge‘s ‘Rise Today‘ performed by women artists from around the World.

I’m so excited and proud to collaborate one more time with so many talented artists and spread to the world how much women can rock!” – Ma Die Dien (FAITH IN AGONY, AVALAND, ex-NIGHTMARE)

About Women Rock: 
The project celebrates women in metal and aims to inspire men and women of all ages and backgrounds by discussing issues, sharing advice, and celebrating experiences. This release follows the success of last year’s cover of DIO’s “We Rock”, which was viewed over 23,000 times!

Metal Performers: 
Marianne “Ma Die” Dien (FAITH IN AGONY, AVALAND, ex-NIGHTMARE – France)
Yael Horwitz (STORMBOUND – Israel)
Julia “Vilivant” Gentile (Solo Artist – Canada)
Carlee Jackson (CROSSED HEARTS – USA)

YouTube/Belgian Jasper

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