River Rise Band Release Their Second Album ‘Untold Stories’

River Rise Band, formed by Juliana von Mühlen (vocals) and Márcio Arend (guitar), has just released its second album: ‘Untold Stories‘. Their new project is available on digital platforms since February 3, 2023. So far, the band has already launched its debut album, ‘Right Path‘ (March 2021), and the EP ‘Leave Behind‘ (March 2022).

Untold Stories‘ writes, loud and clear, a new chapter in the band’s story. The ten songs composing the album shockingly burst, each one proposing a particular element: be ready for remarkable riffs, engaging voice energy, verses that sum up what at times we experience and don’t know how to define. A soundtrack of feelings that instil the eagerness of moving forward, although nostalgically waving back to the past that has forged us, ‘Untold Stories‘ marks a new phase of musical maturity for River Rise Band: resolute melodies, surprising solos, in alternate rhythms, at times with a more aggressive sound, at times with a disarming ballad. Juliana von Mühlen and Márcio Arend dare to go back to the Classic/Hard Rock style, to give their next step: maybe when changing tracks, you might as well end up coming across the “song of your life”?

This second album was composed, produced, and recorded by the band itself in their home studio, completely independently, in the second half of 2022. Juliana is in charge of composing the lyrics, and Márcio, besides recording the guitars, drums and bass, is responsible for the mixing and mastering of all songs. Currently, the musicians are completely focused on the promotion of this brand new project.

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