Perris Records Announce The CD Release Of Torben Enevoldsen’s New All Instrumental Albums Entitled ‘5.1’ & ‘Transition’

Perris Records is proud to announce the CD release of Torben Enevoldsen‘s brand new all instrumental albums entitled ‘5.1‘ and ‘Transition‘ on February 3rd, 2023. The albums were released earlier digitally worldwide on iTunes, Amazon & more. Torben plays much of the guitars, bass, keyboards and Dennis Hansen (Section A, Fatal Force) on drums. Torben Enevoldsen has played guitar in many bands like Fate, Pinnacle Point, Acacia Avenue, Decoy & Section A.

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Torben Enevoldsen has released many albums on Perris Records including Pinnacle Point, Decoy & ACACIA AVENUE. Torben’s ‘Transition‘ & ‘5.1‘ albums features his talents as a musician and at the same time as a producer & engineer. All fans of Joe Satriani, & Vinnie Moore will enjoy this Instrumental Rock album.” – Tom Mathers, President, Perris Records

I am thrilled that Perris Records is releasing both of my latest all instrumental albums on CD. Quite a few people have been asking for a physical release, so I am very pleased that we are now able to offer this option to the fans…!” – Torben Enevoldsen

Track Listing 5.1

01 All-In

02 Looking For You

03 Ocean View

04 Inside Out

05 G.A.Y.L.

06 Early Reflections

07 Hangar 84

08 Lucid Dreaming

09 Bad Connection

10 Say What

11 Be-All And End-All

12 What’s Next

Torben Enevoldsen – Guitars, bass & keyboards
Dennis Hansen – Drums

Produced by Torben Enevoldsen
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Funny Farm Studios, Denmark
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Torben Enevoldsen
Cover artwork by Carl-André Beckston
All songs written and arranged by Torben Enevoldsen

Track Listing Transition

01 In Orbit

02 Backslide

03 Beyond The Sky

04 Fool-proof

05 Out Of The Ordinary

06 DNA

07 Home

08 Memories

09 Bounce Back

10 Enough Said

Torben Enevoldsen – Guitars and keyboards
Pete Steincke – Bass
Dennis Hansen – Drums

Produced by Torben Enevoldsen
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Funny Farm Studios, Denmark
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Torben Enevoldsen
Cover artwork by Nicolás Oliveros
All songs written and arranged by Torben Enevoldsen, except for ‘Memories‘, which was written by Joe Satriani.

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