Swiss Hard Rockers Shakra Release New Single & Video, ‘Invincible’

Swiss hard rockers Shakra have released their new single ‘Invincible‘ via AFM Records.

You are invincible—it happens in your brain“. That’s the core message of the single ‘Invincible‘ by the five Swiss hard rockers Shakra, who really kick off the new year with this anthem featuring powerful walls of guitars and haunting melodies. As simple as this statement may sound, it stands for the essential in everyone’s life, the ability to have an unbreakable will and thereby achieve or create great things. But not only that. It can also mean being able to pull oneself out of the deepest swamp and be perceived in this society as a person steeled with self-confidence. The song is a source of power to strengthen exactly this will. You can achieve anything, not if you believe in it, but if you know it… and that makes you invincible!

Stream/Download ‘Invincible‘: here


Vocals: Mark Fox

Lead Guitar: Thom Blunier

Rhythm-Guitar: Thomas Muster

Bass: Cyril Montavon

Drums: Roger Tanner

Produced by Thom Blunier