The Summit – New Music ‘Set Me Off’

Powerhouse rock band The Summit, out of Cincinnati, OH., isn’t apologetic about their uncanny ability to tell it like it is. With their raw “new” vintage rock sound, they create soulful, fun and thought-provoking music. Their new single, ‘Set Me Off‘ from their forthcoming EP, ‘Firebirds and Aviators‘ is no exception, and out now on all streaming platforms.

Scott says, “I wrote, ‘Set Me Off‘ a few years back regarding all of the horrible mass shootings that were (and still are) taking place all across the country. I tried to put myself into the shoes of those people that have lost loved ones to these senseless tragedies. You see how these families have to grieve for so long during the prolonged investigations, trials, etc. and it breaks my heart.” He continues, “As a father, it’s hard to imagine. The lyrics are an expression of the anger I assume they felt. It’s the expression of how a father (like myself) feels knowing you’d do anything protect you loved ones from these horrific acts of violence that, unfortunately, continue to plague our country.

Set Me Off‘ has to gone back to early 70’s rock n’ roll and has been influenced by everyone from Bad Company, Joe Cocker, The Stones, and Zeppelin to Humble Pie, Montrose, Skynyrd, and Aerosmith.

Will Turpin from Collective Soul produced and mixed, ‘Set Me Off‘ at his Reel 2 Real studios just outside of Atlanta, GA. “Will is a good buddy of ours”, says Scott. “Mike (Hennel) and I really connected with him (and the rest of Collective Soul) a few years back opening shows for them. They’re an amazing band and even better people. Will is one hell of an artist and producer and we are blessed to have him in our corner!

The Summit will continue to release singles and are currently wrapping up the details of their Spring tour. Look for them out on the road in a town near you.


Chris Scott (Vocals)

Mike Hennel (drums, vocals)

Coty Hicks (guitar)

Michael Walker (bass).

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