The Unresolved Release New Single Video ‘Doctor Breakthrough’

Doctor Breakthrough‘, the new single form The Unresolved, is a track about going through therapy. A patient who has frustrations about whether there is really anything wrong with him and as a result is frustrated with the therapist. From the patient’s point of view the song challenges how the therapist could ever understand and that popping pills is just making him be what everyone else wants.

Band Bio:

The Unresolved are a Hard Rock band from West Midlands, UK. Sitting between the UK’s NWOCR and NWOBHM, The Unresolved offer hard hitting instrumentals with some Classic Rock influence. The Unresolved fuel themselves on wanting to travel and share their love of music with as many ears as possible, becoming known for leaving all their energy on stage.

If you like your Classic Rock with a bit more grit, The Unresolved are for you.

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