Teaze First Show In Europe Ever!

Canadian rockers Teaze are set to make their first European appearance when they play the Time To Rock Festival 2023.

Teaze came from Windsor. They breathed Detroit’s airwaves and rocked to its beat. Local influences mattered most. Bob Seger System, MC5, The Stooges, Grand Funk and Brownsville Station. This mixed bag of power rock, R&B and pizzazz made Teaze stand out in Canada like the smell of a Marlboro in an Ontario beer parlour. There was something almost un-Canadian about the evangelical fervor that Teaze displayed. Brian Danter sang ‘til it hurt. Mark Bradac and Chuck Price invented slam dancing (and that was while playing their guitars). Mike Kozak, who never let his drum kit get in the way of self-expression, regularly went screaming off the stage to be closer to his audience.

It was three or four shows in one and nobody had a label for it. The first Teaze album was recorded in 1976 at a facility near Toronto called The Grange. The band thought they were taping demos. Nevertheless an LP called ‘Teaze‘ was released. It ultimately went on to sell more copies in Sweden than Canada. After that, Teaze was signed by Aquarius Records and the band moved to Montreal.

In late 1977 they made an album called ‘On The Loose‘ with producer George Lagios. The big hit turned out to be a country styled song called ‘Sweet Misery‘. Actually, to say that ‘Sweet Misery‘ wreaked havoc on the band’s image is an understatement. People who liked the song tended to dislike everything else about the band. Meanwhile those who might have been interested in the real Teaze often never got past the Floyd Cramer intro. The next album marked a night of firsts. It was the first show outside of Canada. It was their first outing as a concert headliner. It was their first (and only) live album, ‘Tour Of Japan‘.

But after 5 records it was over and they played their last gig in 1980.
Interest in the band started to pick up again when the Internet made it’s breakthrough and we move forward to 2019 when Bradac brought up the idea with Danter of a reunion and after a dinner in town with the old band, the decision was made to go “all in”. A packed Windsor Walkerville Theater in the winter of 2018 was the band’s first together in almost 39 years and it was a total success. Those who saw the band testify that the band sounds just as good now as when it started and they have kept their strength in not only sounding good but also giving the audience a real show.

As you know, there was eventually a pandemic that paralyzed the whole world and, among other things, put an end to Teaze playing in Japan again. But now they are coming to us in Knislinge and doing their first gig ever in Europe and if you like classic hard rock, you will be completely sold on this Canadian band that should have been much bigger than they are. But they are back together, that”s good, and we are proud to have them at Time To Rock Festival!

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