Starlite Campbell Band Release ‘Hot As Hell – Live!’ Video From The Album ‘Starlite Campbell Band Live! 2’

The Starlite Campbell Band have released a new video for ‘Hot As Hell – Live!‘, taken from their newly released album ‘Starlite Campbell Band Live! 2‘ recorded live at The Met, Bury, UK.

It features Steve Gibson on drums and Jonny Henderson on Hammond organ. The first ‘Starlite Campbell Band LIVE!‘ album is available on CD and Live! 2 as a high-quality digital download direct from the band’s online shop: here 

Flying in the face of disposable music and keeping the roots of rock music alive, award-winning Starlite Campbell Band released their exciting second live album ‘Starlite Campbell Band Live! 2‘ on October 7th, 2022.

Husband and wife Suzy Starlite and Simon Campbell are passionate about the music as well as each other and have been on a thrilling roller-coaster musical ride following the worldwide success of their first three albums ‘Blueberry Pie‘, ‘The Language of Curiosity‘ and their first live album ‘Starlite Campbell Band Live!

With their high energy, virtuoso performances, no two gigs are the same with their thunderous groove-ridden rhythm section, mighty tone-filled riffs, strong melodies and poetic lyrics complimented by unexpected, exciting improvisational free-form jamming.

Caring deeply about giving audiences a great time at their live concerts and creating beautifully recorded music, they wanted to capture the sound and spirit of those special concerts for fans of Starlite Campbell Band.

Recorded over a series of dates in the UK at The Met, Bury and The Grange Theatre, Oldham, their new live album features Steve Gibson on drums (The Buzzcocks, Jack Bruce) Jonny Henderson (Matt Schofield, Kirk Fletcher) and Christian Madden (the Liam Gallagher band) on Hammond organ and Wurlitzer electric piano.

Starlite Campbell Band Live! 2‘ features all the band’s original songs from their catalogue plus the addition of two classic songs to bring the album to a close; the dramatic opening riff from Henry Mancini’s ‘Peter Gunn‘ melting into Johnny Kid & The Pirates’ iconic ‘Shaking All Over‘.

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