Rockers And Other Animals Agency Presents ‘NWOBHM Night’: Thunderstick, Sacrilege & Rhabstallion Live At The Underworld Camden February 3rd

Rockers And Other Animals Agency presents an event that brings 3 great bands to one of London’s most famous venues. A line-up that promises a ‘not to be missed‘ evening for fans of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal and so much more.
Opening the evening will be Rhabstallion, a genuine NWOBHM band that have rocked audiences since the early 80s sharing stages with the likes of, Hanoi Rocks, Diamond Head, Stampede, Trust and the mighty Saxon.
Rhabstallion delivers rock that is honest, hard and fast.

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It will then be the turn of the legendary band Sacrilege, formed in 1982 by Bill Beadle, songwriter, guitarist and vocalist the band is working extensively throughout the UK and Europe. Back stronger than ever with the album ‘The Court of The Insane‘ both band and album have been well received by the media, they have released an epic video of the album’s title track.
After the release of the album, Paul Macnamara (ex-Salem) joined the band as lead guitarist.
Now the band has released the brand-new live DVD ‘Sacrilege live at The Heavy Metal Maniacs Fest‘ in which it participated in October 2021..
Sacrilege style their own brand of heavy rock intertwined with shades of doom, crunchy guitars and huge vibrations.

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Closing the evening are our headliners the legendary Thunderstick.
Well known for his time with both Iron Maiden and Samson drummer Barry Graham Purkis created an alter ego in 1979 that would become the icon for the newly emerging NWOBHM movement. The mask wearing ‘faceless’ Thunderstick.
Regularly terrorising audiences as well as playing from inside a cage, Thunderstick the individual paved the way for other ‘Mask Rock’ bands such as Slipknot and Ghost and many others.
After leaving Samson and enjoying a short time with Bernie Torme’s Electric Gypsies the eponymously named Thunderstick band was formed in 1982 having just celebrated their 40th anniversary show. Having played both throughout Europe and the USA this highly theatrical female fronted band bring their own unique style of horror NWOBHM chaos to London’s Underworld aiming to ‘steal your rock’n’roll hearts‘…
Barry Graham Purkis quotes: “40 years of Thunderstick (The Band) has given me inordinate amounts of rock’n’roll memories throughout its existence. Like many bands that can claim longevity it has had both ups and downs over the years. I have always tried to remain truthful to my original vision of a powerful theatrical female fronted rock band, something that was 40 years ago a comparatively original format within its genre. Sure, there were all female bands around in the early 1980s, but a male rock/metal band fronted by a female was considered to be something different. All the ladies that have fronted Thunderstick have been remarkable, none more-so than the wonderful Raven Blackwing who leads my latest line-up. I have had the pleasure of playing with some incredibly
talented musicians throughout the years and thank them all for the individuality they all brought to the various line-ups. Above all else I would like to thank the fans/supporters whether they have only just started their journey with us, or have been with us over the years, without you I wouldn’t be writing this. We take your choice to include us as part of your musical backdrop in your lives with
great humility and pride. Who’s up for another 40 years. I am if you are……?

Running Time:
Doors  6:00pm
Rhabstallion     6:30-7:15pm
Sacrilege           7:30-8:15pm
Thunderstick    8:45-10:00pm

Buy tickets: here– £20.00 + £3.46

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The Underworld Camden
174 Camden High Street NW1 8 London, UK
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