Review: Gwyn Ashton – mojosoul

Review: Gwyn Ashton – mojosoul

Self-Release (November 14th, 2022)

Reviewer: Mark Jackson

Gwyn Ashton‘s new album ‘Mojosoul‘ does exactly what it says on the whisky-soaked label. It’s full of texture, blues picking flavour and delicate tastes with a swampy undertow…I’ve gigged with Mr Ashton, and it’s real good to see him on the run again with a new record.

Opening up with ‘By Your Side‘ the album spits fire with a ZZ Top feel,the six string starts blazing with cool shades of Johnny Winter.

Third track, ‘No More‘,I love the hook in this, henceforth in my household Gwyn will be known as ‘Captain Hook’..this also has a great Bass drum sound kinda Bonhamesque and it suits the song perfectly.

Next up ‘Take Your Medication‘, a cheeky rustic romp with a beautiful Ry Cooder syle guitar lick.

Another personal fave of mine is’12,000 Miles From Home‘, outback blues, great vocal can taste the dust!

Album finale ‘Perfect Day To Sing The Blues‘, a real good leftfield song..beautiful finger style prime picking and a journeyman vocal, it actually is a bit of a curveball, like Pink Floyd mixed with Ry Cooder, a departure in style, and all the better for the track.

OK, that’s the positive…personally, there’s a few tracks I’d like to get my greasy paws on and remix. Tod Rundgren remixed one of our Medicine Hat tracks once and lifted it completely…essentially a great mix can elevate a song to a new level.

So, on a chilly Autumnal night, when you’re in a fancy new bar, roaring fire, good Brewski in hand and a hot chaser on the table in front of you, you know if Gwyn Ashton is on that stage, you are in for a bonza night!