Legendary Drummer Thunderstick (Formerly Of Iron Maiden & Samson) Joins The Rockers And Other Animals Roster

Thunderstick, an icon of the 1980s New Wave Of British Heavy Metal scene who played in Iron Maiden and Samson, joins the Rockers And Other Animals roster.

Barry Graham Purkis (aka known as Thunderstick) is a songwriter, lyricist, arranger and producer who has fronted Thunderstick for almost four decades. In addition, Barry Graham Purkis was the first performer to experiment with the anonymity of ‘Mask Rock’, now used by many others such as Slipknot and Ghost. Barry Graham Purkis was a pioneer of the genre and thus the original.

The music of the band Thunderstick, led by Barry Graham Purkis, is a mixture of heavy rock with doom overtones and a heavy charge to be discovered, especially in the live set, which includes costume changes and a touch of horror rock.

Thunderstick is working on a new album, stay tuned!

Barry Graham Purkis (Thunderstick) – Drums
Raven Blackwing – Vocals
Rex Thunderbolt – Bass Guitar
Pete J Pinto (Panther) – Guitar
Dave ‘Butters’ – Guitar

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