Severed Angel Release ‘Bump In The Night’ Halloween Themed Single.

Severed Angel, the new Northeastern US melodic metal band will self release their new third Halloween inspired single ‘Bump In The Night‘ on October 28, 2022 to all streaming platforms and to worldwide media / radio representatives for airplay.

Take one part Motorhead, one part Misfits, a dash of tongue-in-cheek (figuratively speaking, of course) horror, 5 servings of Northeastern US melodic metal-style musicianship, and a pinch of Halloween, and you get Severed Angel’s ‘Bump In The Night‘.

The ultimate homage to Halloween-based horror, Severed Angel brings you the ultimate tribute to Lemmy Kilmister-infused rock and roll with a horror punk attitude and Michael Myers-inspired lyrics. This exclusive non-album track will be available on all streaming platforms on October 28th, 2022. In anticipation of their self-titled debut CD, the band wanted to give listeners everywhere an official glimpse of what to expect upon the album’s release.

Fresh off of their previous 2 singles ‘A Fate Worse Than Death‘ and ‘Run and Hyde‘, the band wanted to showcase their fun side with this release. Many bands have showcased their love for the legendary Motorhead and The Misfits, but none have combined both styles and incorporated horror film-based lyrics as flawlessly as Severed Angel did on this cut.

Consistently working on writing new material for future album and single releases, Severed Angel continues to write music to give fans of the genre and all music in general a sonic assault of melody, unforgettable riffs, and a glimpse into the different influences the band has. Once again, Severed Angel is providing listeners on an international scale a taste of what’s to come with their debut CD release.

You faced ‘A Fate Worse Than Death‘. You accepted the challenge to ‘Run and Hyde‘. Now, it’s time to fear the things that go ‘Bump In The Night‘.


Alex Repetti – Vocals, Guitar (Infinite Spectrum / Tension Rising)
Lou Mavs – Guitar, Vocals
George Dimitri – Bass (Timeless Haunt)
Marc Muchnik – Keyboards (The Nightmare Stage)
Wayne Noon – Drums (Project Resurrection / Ex-Phoenix Reign)