Polish Symphonic Metal Band Imaginature Release Two Songs With New Vocalist Gaia

Polish symphonic metal band Imaginature, with a new singer in the line-up, on
16th September 2022 will release the digital single ‘Weather the Storm‘ containing the songs: ‘Edge‘ and ‘Weather the Storm‘. These songs feature the vocal track of a new singer under the pseudonym Gaia, who brought a dazzling voice and an impressive stage presence to the band.

The single is available on all popular streaming platforms: here

The band is currently working on a completely new music material.

Imaginature (Szczytno, Poland), on October 2021 published their debut album, ‘Imaginature‘  The band worked with guest appearances of vocalists and musicians from such renowned projects, as Sunrise (Ukraina) , Pathfinder, Thermit, Moyra.

The name Imaginature comes from mixing the words “imagination” and “nature”, which refer to composing style of the band. Despite of the keyboardist and new vocalist, the rest of its members has no musical education, but creativeness and imagination are something more desireable for them. Coming up with such band name they combined two opposite things, yet each of them bares great power.


01. Atonement
02. Edge
03. Imaginature
04. Shade Enchantress
05. Renegade
06. Through The Cellar Door
07. Near The End
08. Weather The Storm