Nestor: New Video ‘It Ain’t Me’ – Piano Version – Out Now

Recently Tobias Gustavsson, lead vocalist of acclaimed Swedish band Nestor, sat down by a grand piano at the beautiful Van der Nootska Palace in Stockholm, Sweden to perform a mellow piano ballad version of the song ‘It Ain’t Me‘.

The original version of the song closes out the band’s debut album ‘Kids In A Ghost Town‘ (review here) that was released to critical and public praise in October last year. Since then, the band has had success upon success, among these a Swedish Grammis nomination, an opening slot for childhood heroes KISS, an all time attendance record at Sweden Rock Festival and an overall celebrated summer tour.

Originally founded in the small town of Falköping, Sweden back in 1989 by five childhood friends, Nestor made a triumphant return after almost three decades of dormancy with their nostalgic 80s sounding rock. With this second chance at achieving their childhood dreams of becoming rock stars, the five guys in Nestor will not be wasting a single moment of this amazing ride!

Live Dates:

August 5 – Time To Rock, Knislinge, Sweden

August 6 – Sabaton Open Air, Falun, Sweden

August 13 – NESTOR FEST, Falköpings Folkets Park, Sweden

August 21 – Dynamo Metal Fest, Eindhoven, Netherlands

September 3 – Indoor Summer 2022, Hamburg, Germany

October 10-17 – Full Metal Holiday, Mallorca, Spain

November 25 – All Star Fest, Antwerp, Belgium


Jonny Wemmenstedt (guitar)

Martin Frejinger (keyboards)

Tobias Gustavsson (vocals)

Mattias Carlsson (drums)

Marcus Åblad (bass)

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