Review: David Paich – Forgotten Toys

Review: David Paich – Forgotten Toys

The Players Club (August 19th, 2022)

Reviewer: Chris O’Connor

If you really don’t know who David Paich is – are you sure you belong on this most august site? Perhaps the biggest surprise is that this is his solo debut, and rather splendid it is too. The on/off Toto keyboard wizard/songwriter has created an album that is something of a melodic gem, it would be fair to say that most of the songs here would have fitted comfortably on any Toto album – which again is a very good thing indeed.

The reason it sounds very like a Toto album is obvious and simple – Paich is a HUGE part of the Toto sound, and by involving the inimitable Steve Lukather, and the ever-wonderful Joseph Williams, the album by definition can only sound like them. Williams also co-writes and co-produces the album. His friends/bandmates are not the online stars to be found here, with ex-Eagles guitarist Don Felder, new Rolling Stones drummer Steve Jordan, ex-Steely Dan/Doobie Bros vocalist Michael McDonald, ex-Roxy Music man Brian Eno, and even Ray Parker Jnr all guesting.

The next ‘surprise’ as such, is the brevity of the album, which clocks in at just thirty minutes, and features just six ‘proper songs’ and a curious (and rather pointless) thirty second intro – so in actuality, it’s far more like an EP (in this scribe’s humble opinion anyway). That being said, the sheer quality of the music is fabulous, and if you love timeless Melodic rock, then this will be right up your street. The musicianship is (of course) nothing short of exquisite – there is an elegance and lustre to every song that makes this (mini) album absolutely stunning.

As I have said before, with Messrs Lukather and Williams guesting on ‘Willibelongtoyou’ and ‘Spirit Of The Moonrise’, you are instantly transported to a very Toto ‘place’, these songs are cleverly placed, as every fan will simply revel in them. ‘First Time’ has an almost Peter Gabriel meets Chicago feel – it’s a lovely mellow number, while ‘Queen Charade’ with Don Felder on guitars has a distinctly bump ‘n’ grind vibe, and grooves along with sinuous ease.

All The Tears That Shine’ is a beautifully languid song, with a gorgeous vocal courtesy of Michael McDonald – a lament to old loves lost – and a song that anyone with a romantic heart and soul can relate to. Finally, the alum closes with the very jazzy ‘Lucy’, mainly an instrumental piece, that evokes Miles Davis, Chicago (again), and even The Manhattan Transfer – it’s almost at odds with what’s gone before, but equally works as a thought-provoking coda to what is a timeless release. ‘Forgotten Toys’ is very simply – marvellous!