Review: Whiskey Myers – Tornillo

Review: Whiskey Myers – Tornillo

Wiggy Thump Records (July 29th, 2022)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

Whiskey Myers return with new album ‘Tornillo‘, released July 29th on the wonderfully named Wiggy Thump Records.

Kicking off an album with a short, (47 seconds) mariachi themed, album titled intro is certainly an eye, or should that be ear opener!

But hey, this is Whiskey Myers and we’re going to have some fun..

Listening to ‘Tornillo‘ for the umpteenth time as I type this here review is an indication that I might like it.

Like it? No, I absolutely love it! This genre pigeonhole destroying album of twelve tracks has more than brightened up thse past few days. ‘Tornillo‘ is the perfect medicine/pick me up, you’ll have sore feet from all the foot tapping you’ll be doing.

With the female backing singers, whose input reminds me of Rocky Hill’s 1988 self titled album, placed perfectly, as are the horns, which in turn takes me to ZZ Top’s Degüello & the Lone Wolf Horns. This is such a perfectly balanced album, with a tight production to boot. If it sounds this good playing from the Soundcloud promo stream, then the actual release is going to be better again.

It’s damn hard to pick out ‘stand out’ tracks, I love them all. But songs like ‘For The Kids’ & ‘Heavy On Me‘ are both a hell of a country rock ballad, or the very catchy ‘Mission To Mars‘ or the stomper that is ‘John Wayne‘ just slightly pip the others for me personally.

Tornillo‘ is certainly going to be added to my favorite releases 2022 list, and I can see me not being alone in doing this.

A must buy, if only to cheer you the hell up!


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