DEEP SUN Enter Swiss Album Charts

The Swiss symphonic metal band DEEP SUN has entered the Swiss album charts!

Their new album ‘Dreamland – Behind The Shades‘ peaked at #4 earlier this week.

It’s the second charts entry in Switzerland, after their previous album ‘Das Erbe der Welt‘ has reached #11 on the Swiss album charts in 2019.

Get DEEP SUN‘s new album: here


  1. Prologue
  2. Behind The Shades
  3. Dreammaster
  4. Living The Dream
  5. Killer In A Dream
  6. In Silence
  7. Secret Garden
  8. Mitternachtstanz
  9. Hands In Anger
  10. Rogue (Dreaming Leprechaun Pt. II)
  11. Euphoria

Live Dates:

25.06.2022 CH Mühlau – Mettlerfield Festival

03.09.2022 CH Orbe – Le Casino

24.09.2022 CH Amriswil – Swiss Rock&Metal Festival

28.10.2022 CZ Olomouc – S-Klub*

29.10.2022 CZ Znojmo – KD*

10.12.2022 CH Wiedlisbach – Metalchurch

*supporting Bonfire

Official Website






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