Review: Wicked Stone – Synergy

Review: Wicked Stone – Synergy

Hard To Stay Quiet (June 17th 2022)

Reviewer: Dan Mann

It’s certainly a welcome return of Kentish rockers Wicked Stone with the upcoming release of second album ‘Synergy‘. I can’t quite believe it’s five years since their debut album ‘Ain’t No Rest‘!

After an excellent performance by the band at this year’s Call Of The Wild, I was kind of expecting them to continue with the sort of energy they exude on ‘Synergy‘.

And continue they certainly have. This isn’t just energetic, which quite frankly can get a little tedious if a band hasn’t anythng else in the bag to offer, it’s a recognisable progression, with a slight change in direction to a heavier almost progessive metal sound mixed with a light sprinkling of speed metal, while maintaining that core hard rock delivery.

Joe Hawx once again displays a superb vocal delivery, coupled with the twin guitars of Dave Austin & Joe Davies, and more than ably supported by that pounding engine room combo of drummer Olly Smith and bassist Tom Lane.

Synergy‘ is no shrinking violet, it is out to give your lugholes a decent pounding, to drag you in and envelope you in what is a big soundscape!

Okay dear reader I am more than a tad biased when it comes to Wicked Stone, however the boys know that I’ll always be honest in my opinion of their work. So if your after an album that will give you the same kick as a treble expresso, all the while entertaining you, then this is the album for you.

One word of caution….if listening while driving, do keep an eye on your speedo!