NewHaven Releases Album After 30 Years

One of the most highly anticipated albums of 2022 is now available for order. NewHaven has been kicking around since 1986 and finally sucubmed to the change in music styles, namely Seattle. However, their run on the Sunset Strip was legendary and they lived the Sex, Drugs and Rock-Roll mantra as if it was going out of style!!!

As mainstays at the world famous Troubadour, due to high demand for their high energy brand of Rock-n-Roll and showmanship, the crowds shuffled in every Sunday and Thursday knowing they could and would see all the hype that NewHaven was creating.

In 1987, the band became an even bigger draw playing all around L.A. Eventually, there would be a personnel change (1988) and Tim Kelly (who would eventually become a member of Slaughter), and Robbie Crane (who has played for everyone under the sun from Ratt, to Vince Neil of Motley Crue). In 1989, the band garnered attention from Atlantic Records who would pay for NewHaven to go into the studio and cut 6 tracks (available on their new self-titled release).

On the success of their reputation, NewHaven would get the call to open up for bands like Enuff Z’nuff, Dirty Looks, Tuff and Warrant.  Joey Allen (Lead Guitarist of Warrant) states about NewHaven drummer Todd Lane, “My absolute “favorite” brother to hang out on the Sunset Strip, and pass out flyers for shows with was Todd Lane from NewHaven. It was a magical, musical time in Hollyweird, and he was my Huckleberry, as I was his. When I spotted him a block or two away it was a pilgrimage just to get to him. Upon meeting up with him I knew the night would be unforgettable, and that we would (probably) get into some trouble. To this day it was worth every consequence. Memories that could write a chapter in a book you’d all enjoy reading. His one-liners are legendary, I still use some today! His kindness as a person is overshadowed by his ability to slam the drums, hard, heavy and on time.  He is a monster drummer.  o go get some NewHaven, and enjoy a blast from the past!  S.A.D Todd!!!

FnA Records is proud to announce that we have worked very closely with the artist and have come up with a killer product including a 24 page booklet and remastered tracks.

Available for order is a CD, a Fan Pack autographed by the full band, digital downloads, and eventually vinyl.

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Track Listing:

Rocking Chair

Part Of Me

Draw The Line

Long Nite Out

Long Nite Out

Who You Are

Love On The Rox

I’m In Love

Walk Way

Hold Me Christine

Blind Truth

Bonus Live Tracks:

Sweet Surrender

Cross The Line

When The Night Comes Down